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It’s the paradox of success. Your latest product launch was a hit. Your company is growing. Soon, imitators come calling from all sides. And eventually, due to low barriers to entry, your entire market becomes commoditized, forcing all competitors to compete largely on price as the differences between their various features and benefits become very fuzzy. What was once a promising new product or service is now stuck in neutral. But there’s a solution.

We believe a key support structure for competitive strategy is found in identifying and leveraging your company’s often hidden inner strengths – the unique DNA that made your company special in the first place. Behind every company and every product or service is a body of work – an expertise that gave rise to your company as a business. Many companies and their leaders think of this inner strength as thought leadership. And we agree that’s a key part of the equation. But there’s more to it.

Inner strengths can be found in your company’s story and how it’s told – your executive voice, for example. It can be found in the research you conducted in order to develop your offerings and the insights you learned on the way. And more. Finding your inner strengths may not be hard. However, putting them to work is the difference maker. With our proven process for leveraging what makes you and your company unique, we can help.

Rethink Your PR Strategy

The fact is, companies can no longer sustainably compete on price or features and benefits alone. They must find another way to differentiate. We believe companies can address this need by first rethinking public relations strategy. By mining for or reimagining inner strengths, companies can get back to a position of competitive strength.

We can see what makes your company strong. Let’s unleash those strengths and help others see them too.

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