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How do you build an organization that’s as daring, resilient and innovative as the times demand? How do you banish bureaucracy and master the art of entrepreneurship at scale? How do you unleash the initiative and ingenuity of every team member? How do you triple the pace of organizational transformation at a third of the cost?

London Business School Professor Gary Hamel, Ph.D., has been working to answer these critical questions since the 1980s, when he watched the auto industry in his native Michigan get out-maneuvered by new global rivals. Seeing first-hand how inertia and incrementalism could cripple an industry and ruin the lives of employees, he has dedicated himself to helping companies anticipate the future and build tomorrow’s essential advantages today.

Named the World’s #1 Business Thinker by The Wall Street Journal and co-founder of The Management Lab, an organization that builds platforms and tools to support high-velocity change, Hamel is a sought-after speaker and advisor for the most prestigious leadership events around the globe. As a consultant, he has led change initiatives in many of the world’s most admired companies, helping leaders design break-out strategies, create entrepreneurship at scale and enlarge their capacity for innovation — work that has created billions of dollars in market value.

Through keynote presentations, workshops, small group and one-on-one sessions, Gary Hamel can customize content for your business needs including but not limited to:

Innovation From Everyone, Every Day

If innovation is so important, why do most companies struggle with it? Because few of them have taken a systematic approach to making innovation instinctive for every individual and intrinsic to the organization itself. For innovation to become a genuine core competence, organizations must build creative capital and re-tool the management model.

Building an Evolutionary Advantage

Building an evolutionary advantage requires more than new practices — it also requires new principles. Most organizations were built on the principles of standardization, formalization, specialization, alignment and discipline.

These are fine principles, but now we must embrace new principles: experimentation, openness, meritocracy, freedom and audacity. These cannot be mere buzzwords, but must be embedded deeply in structures, systems and behaviors.

Busting Bureaucracy, For Good

Research suggests that an excess of bureaucracy — too many layers and too many rules — costs OECD economies $9 trillion each year in lost economic output. Nevertheless, most struggle to imagine an alternative. Bureaucracy seems essential for achieving the control, coordination and consistency that allow large organizations to function. For decades that was true. Now it is not.

To kickstart innovation and creativity, leaders must break out of the stifling cycle of bureaucracy. Stern Strategy Group connects you with renowned thought leaders whose insights, strategies and management frameworks help organizations fuel growth and disruptive innovation to better compete in a constantly changing world. Let us arrange for these esteemed experts to advise your organization via virtual and in-person consulting sessions, workshops and keynotes.

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