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Discover how the coming quantum computing revolution will impact business strategy, human-machine interaction, cybersecurity and more

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Quantum Computing Experts

Spiros Michalakis Headshot For Website

Caltech Mathematical Physicist Who Helps Organizations Innovate and Solve Big Problems by Applying Quantum Principles to Their Thinking; Outreach Manager, Caltech Institute for Quantum Information and Matter; Professor-in-Residence, Relay Ventures; Faculty Advisor, Caltech Science Olympiad Chapter, Hollywood Film Consultant and Science Advisor, “Ant-Man,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and “Bill & Ted Face the Music”

Futurists / Quantum Computing / Emerging Technology / New To Stern
Reid Blackman Headshot

Renowned AI Ethicist and Philosopher Advising Leaders on Ethical AI Principles for Risk Mitigation; Founder and CEO, Virtue Ethics Consultancy; Founding Member, Ernst & Young’s Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board; Author, “Ethical Machines” (July 2022)

Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies / Innovation & Design / Quantum Computing / Trust & Empathy / Must-Read Books / New To Stern / Emerging Technology / AI, Robotics & Automation / Founders & Practitioners

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