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New technologies and innovations emerging from space exploration & interplanetary life are poised to improve life on Earth

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Space Exploration & Interplanetary Life

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Aerospace Pioneer and Multidisciplinary Authority on the Requirements of Human Performance On and Beyond Earth; Former NASA Deputy Administrator and Current Director, MIT Media Lab; Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics, MIT

Innovation & Design / Leadership / Space Exploration & Interplanetary Life / Emerging Technology / STEAM / Futurists / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Founders & Practitioners

Visionary Futurist, Tech Investor and Space Architecture Pioneer Helping Organizations Leverage High-Tech Solutions and Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence for Earth-Based Sustainability Challenges; Groundbreaking Entrepreneur Dedicated to Inspiring Women’s Tech Leadership; CEO, Aurelia Institute; Founder and General Partner, Aurelia Foundry; Founding Director, MIT Space Exploration Initiative; Editor, “Into the Anthropocosmos” (2021); Author, “Space at Scale” (Upcoming)

Space Exploration & Interplanetary Life / Futurists / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Strategies / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Emerging Technology / STEAM / Must-Read Books / Founders & Practitioners / Women Speakers & Advisors

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