Stern Strategy Group is not your typical PR firm. For us, it’s not all about media coverage, conference relations, social media and content creation. Those are our power tools; how we do our work. What we do – giving voice and access to ideas, institutions and individuals impacting the world – is the greater impact.

We partner with clients that have the ambition, ideas and solutions to be a force for good in business and society. And we help you find, share, live and mobilize that purpose. Those that do motivate action, secure loyalty, encourage advocacy, create value – all in service to a healthier bottom line.

Your purpose is our purpose.

Whether you’re working to fix health care or transform higher education, drive sustainability through market transparency or educate consumers about financial wellness, eradicate disease through technology or advance artificial intelligence to augment human potential at work, we are with you. Through our strategy, public relations and messaging expertise, our team helps yours to:

  • Solidify your reputation and differentiation
  • Strengthen your thought leadership and evolve your ideas
  • Ensure you lead the dialogue, and aren’t just part of it
  • Shift existing perceptions and establish new ones
  • Earn credibility and elevate visibility
  • Influence decision makers to change minds and behavior
  • Create and deliver business value
  • Align you with the brightest minds, like-minded organizations and champions of your cause