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Having an integrated digital marketing strategy is essential to stand out in a crowded online ecosystem. Besides having the minimum of a well-optimized website and an active social media presence, email newsletters can be a powerful tool to directly engage with your audience and nurture leads.

Despite having a bad reputation for spamming recipients with information overload, email newsletters are an opportunity for businesses to tactfully send curated content that communicates company values to key audiences.

Here are a few benefits of how email newsletters can elevate your executive visibility:

Communicating Executives’ Insights and Achievements

Email newsletters offer a platform for executives to directly share valuable information with their audience. This can—and should—include high-level industry insights that demonstrate a deep understanding of the market, expert tips and advice that provide practical value to readers, original research that shows how your organization is at the cutting edge of its market or positive company news and announcements that celebrate recent accomplishments. The content should educate and inform to position your business and its executives as a go-to source for decision-makers.

Building Key Relationships

Since email newsletters require individuals to sign up, subscribers show an interest and investment in your company. To nurture that interest and relationship, it’s crucial to consistently share content, so readers can come to expect and rely on your expertise.

While email frequency can vary depending on the type of business—business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B)—one to two thought leadership-driven newsletters per month is a good place to start. Email frequency should be based on how much quality content your company and executives have to share and the needs of your audience.

Increasing Website Traffic

When sharing content via email newsletters, it’s important to include website links with a strong call-to-action (CTA) to redirect traffic and increase visibility. Engaged subscribers will continue to reference your website for additional insights and resources, which nurtures leads through the sales funnel over time.

With a direct line of communication, email newsletters offer a unique way to engage and interact with readers. The key is consistently providing thought-provoking content, so your company and its leadership team stay top-of-mind for industry insight without tempting readers to unsubscribe.

How Email Newsletters Drive Executive Visibility was last modified: February 21st, 2023 by Brandon Pantano