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Companies spend inordinate amounts of time and resources to understand what their customers and prospects want and how they will act (and buy). You invest heavily in market research, online surveys, customer interviews, focus groups and more to inform your marketing and PR strategy. And you do gain some measure of how to better position your products and services in order to grow business. But those tactics only scratch the surface, and on their own just aren’t enough to make a lasting impact. When many markets are increasingly commoditized, by focusing on customer actions, marketers may only be learning that customers’ sole selection criteria is price. We know there is a more effective way.

As a public relations firm offering specialty thought leadership services, we understand companies’ need to gain customer insights through market research. But there’s an opportunity many marketing, communications and business development leaders miss. Our perspective: focusing on what customers do overlooks how they think. Focusing on what customers do is backward-looking; finding out how they think looks ahead and helps you learn, strategize and compete.

Shift Perceptions, Change Behaviors

Leveraging what we call our SOP – the Science of Persuasion – approach to strategic planning, we place great emphasis on uncovering customer mindsets as a way of shifting perceptions and changing behaviors. By understanding the mindset your customers and prospects occupy, you gain critical insight to help you identify step-by-step ways to strengthen your relationship and find new and mutually beneficial ways to partner and thrive. Our SOP approach helps you understand the why behind customer actions, and it provides deep and valuable insights into the key messages you need and the critical success factors you must achieve in order to enhance your brand and grow your business.

Are you ready to think differently about your public relations strategy, messaging and marketing plan? Let’s talk about mapping the mindsets of your customers.

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