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Entrepreneurs are often romanticized for prioritizing success at work over happiness in their personal lives, but such a one-dimensional existence is self-defeating, says Stew Friedman, the world’s top expert on leadership and performance in all parts of life. His framework – a systematic method for improving performance at work, at home, in the community, and for oneself, proven successful under his leadership at Ford Motor, in his teaching at the Wharton School, and in organizations worldwide – reveals that, in the long run, the pursuit of harmony, rather than balance, among all aspects of life leads to more productive leaders who are living richer lives.

“Common wisdom says that real success as an entrepreneurial leader requires 100 percent devotion to your enterprise,” wrote Friedman in Forbes. “Nothing else can matter or get in the way, right? Wrong.” Friedman, founder of the Total Leadership program, focuses on helping business leaders at all levels find creative ways for leading the full lives they truly want.

“The key to success and happiness lies in cultivating three principles and the skills to enact them,” says Friedman. His prescriptions, as described compellingly in a recent World Business Forum presentation, are not a quick fix, but rather a lifetime journey. “It’s not easy to develop these skills, but the more you invest in doing so, the more capable you’ll be as a leader – someone who mobilizes people toward valued goals and performs well in all parts of life.”

His three decades of research and practice show that, contrary to popular myth, by committing to your family, your community, and your private self, you gain the strength and sense of purpose that sustains and inspires professional achievement.  Leadership at work, in today’s world, can’t just be about work. It has to be about life – your life.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders interested in learning more about improving their prospects for long-term success can assess their skills by taking Friedman’s free Total Leadership Skills Assessment.

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