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Companies and their leaders need insight into and analysis of the forces changing the face of business and society. They also crave big ideas for inspiring the future of both. We connect you with the top speakers and authorities whose expertise into today’s most pressing issues and trends provides actionable learning and growth to every audience, every time.

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PR & Communications

Your voice defines you. It differentiates you. It is your signature brand. We help you identify your voice, fine-tune it, ensure it resonates with power and passion, build the messages and stories that project it, and advise you on where and by whom it needs to be heard. Some of today’s smartest business thinkers and leading companies rely on us to give voice to their ideas.

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Advisory Services

You don’t need to have all the answers. You need the right insight and guidance to help you build the strategy – and capabilities – that lead toward solutions. Whether you tap into the expertise of our own senior team or that of our clients who are leading experts in their fields, we help you see clearly, define goals, dissect challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

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Healthcare Technology and Monitoring Medical As Art

Software has changed the world, but here’s why it hasn’t changed healthcare (Quartz)

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The computer age promised great transformations but so far it’s done little to transform healthcare. You still need to visit your doctor for most ailments. If you’re to be hospitalized,…

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