Whether you need to break through complexity or uncertainty, redraw your thinking, or bring your ideas to life, every leader and organization needs help sometimes. Objectivity, perspective and coaching are invaluable, as is an intimate team of experienced experts who guide your strategy to address your needs or realize your dream.

Through immersive working sessions – onsite, offsite, during management retreats or sales meetings – our team of advisors digs deep to draw out, propose, clarify and confirm strategic approaches, pushing you to be bold and guiding you toward your “aha” moment.

No matter your challenge – whether you want to share a big idea with the world, clarify your signature brand voice, seize the growth opportunity for a new product or business segment, determine how to approach a new audience, generate greater demand for your services, or simply improve and increase your brand recognition – our senior team is here to help.

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What do you want to be known for? What do your customers need? How can you help them think differently and make sense of things? How can you stand out?

Our team of advisors uses visual thinking and structured, interactive frameworks and exercises to nurture and facilitate strategic discussion and creativity. Through deep listening and collaborative engagement, we explore, capture and connect the dots of information and ideation.

Then we draw from our collective marketing, communications and business strategy experience to brainstorm and ignite new approaches and strategies.

With Stern at your side, you’ll have strategies in place that will captivate audiences and differentiate your leadership.

Workshop packages include:

  • Differentiating Your Brand
  • Discovering Your Buyer Personas
  • Seizing Your Business Opportunity
  • Clarifying Your Leadership Communications
  • Evaluating/developing your social media strategy

No matter your challenge, our senior team is here to help. We are happy to work with you to customize a session to meet your specific goals and challenges.

Strategy Workshops with Stern Strategy Group