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Christa Gyori headshot

Transformational Sustainability Leader Empowering Organizations to Embed Purpose and Drive Growth; Award-Winning Co-Founder and CEO, Leaders on Purpose Who Spearheads the Renowned Annual CEO Study and Convenes the Influential CEO Summit with UN Leadership; Founding Member, Unilever North American FS Sustainability Council; Collaborator, Harvard’s Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership; Winner, 2023 Tribeca Disruptor Award; Named One of the Top 22 Women Globally Making a Positive Sustainable Impact, Forbes; Named 2014-2021 Harvard Professional of Excellence for Sustainability Leadership; Shortlisted for the 2023 Ideas into Action Award, Thinkers50

Leadership / Strategy / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Issues / Change Management / STEAM / Founders & Practitioners / Women Speakers & Advisors / New To Stern

Acclaimed Author, Journalist and Leading Thinker on the Future Who Explores Advancements in Emerging Technologies, Public Health and Climate Change; Policy Practitioner Forging Partnerships Across the Private and Public Sectors to Advance the Health of People and the Planet; Columnist, The Washington Post; Senior Lecturer, MIT Program on Science, Technology, and Society; Former Senior Advisor for Climate Change Innovation, Obama White House; Author, “The Optimist’s Telescope”

Futurists / Moderators / Navigating Uncertainty / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Policy & Government / Economics, Capitalism, Geopolitics & Globalization / STEAM / Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / Health Care & Medicine / Metaverse / Must-Read Books / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / New To Stern
Headshot of Prineha Narang. She is wearing a white textured suit jacket with black detailing on the lapels and a pearl necklace and earrings. She is smiling and has dark hair and brown eyes. The background is a white wall

Award-Winning Quantum Technology Expert Working to Unleash the Power of High-Performance Computing at Scale; Pioneering Deep Technology Inventor Bringing About the Future of Quantum Security, Materials and Sensing; Principal Investigator, Narang Lab and Professor in Physical Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles; Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Aliro; 2023 US Science Envoy; Winner of the 2023 Maria Goeppert Mayer Award, American Physical Society; 2023 Guggenheim Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation; Top Innovator, MIT Tech Review; Forbes “30 Under 30”

Quantum Computing / Emerging Technology / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies / STEAM / Futurists / Women Speakers & Advisors
Dava Newman Headshot

Aerospace Pioneer and Multidisciplinary Authority on the Requirements of Human Performance On and Beyond Earth; Former NASA Deputy Administrator and Current Director, MIT Media Lab; Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics, MIT

Innovation & Design / Leadership / Space Exploration & Interplanetary Life / Emerging Technology / STEAM / Futurists / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Founders & Practitioners
Rana el Kaliouby

Pioneering AI Scientist and Inventor of Emotion and Human Perception AI; Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor and Authority on Developing an AI Mindset for Competitive Advantage; Expert on Designing and Implementing Ethical Business Strategies; Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Tulip Ventures; Executive Fellow, Harvard Business School; Bestselling Author, “Girl Decoded” (2020)

AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Health Care & Medicine / Strategy / Emerging Technology / Futurists / STEAM / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Future of Work / Must-Read Books / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Executive Education / Moderators / Trust & Empathy / Founders & Practitioners

Digital Health Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Mobile & Wearable Technology for Emotional Intelligence and Well-Being; Expert on Emotion AI and the Ethics of Its Use; Top Cited Scholar in the Areas of Digital Health and Affective Computing; Co-Founder, Affectiva; Co-Founder and Chairman, Empatica; Director, Affective Computing Research, MIT Media Lab; Professor, MIT; Faculty Chair MindHandHeart

AI, Robotics & Automation / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Health Care & Medicine / Emerging Technology / STEAM / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Founders & Practitioners

Pioneering Neuroscientist, Technologist and Multidisciplinary Researcher Focused on Improving the Lives of People with Autism and Complex Neurodevelopmental Differences; Expert on How Genetics Shape Language; Professor of Engineering and Communication Sciences and Disorders, Northeastern University; Researcher, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital

Neuroscience / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / STEAM / Health Care & Medicine / Emerging Technology / Innovation & Design / Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Trust & Empathy / Inspirational Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors
Ayanna Howard Headshot

Pioneering Innovator, Entrepreneur and Inventor of Robotic Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Industry, Health Care and Education; Co-Founder and Board Director, Zyrobotics; Dean, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University; Bestselling Author, “Sex, Race and Robots”

AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Emerging Technology / STEAM / Futurists / Health Care & Medicine / Innovation & Design / Education & Lifelong Learning / Future of Work / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Trust & Empathy / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Founders & Practitioners / Women Speakers & Advisors / TED Speakers
Isha Datar Headshot

Cellular Agriculture Pioneer; Executive Director, New Harvest; Co-Founder, Perfect Day (formerly Muufri) and Clara Foods

Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / STEAM / Emerging Technology / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Futurists / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Founders & Practitioners
Alta Charo Headshot

Acclaimed Bioethicist, Futurist, and Legal Scholar Who Advises Organizations and Governments on Issues Surrounding Genetic Engineering and Emerging Sciences; Warren P. Knowles Professor Emerita of Law and Bioethics, University of Wisconsin; Former David A. Hamburg Fellow, Nuclear Threat Initiative; Lead Co-Chair, “BioMade”; Co-Chair, National Academy of Medicine Committee on Emerging Science, Technology and Innovation

Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / Health Care & Medicine / Innovation & Design / Policy & Government / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Emerging Technology / STEAM / TED Speakers / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Women Speakers & Advisors
Raquel Bono

Changemaker and Trailblazer in Genuine Leadership, Medicine, and Public Health; Retired Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy; Chief Health Officer, Viking Cruises; Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory; Founder, Military Health Corps Female Physicians Leadership Course; Former CEO and Director, Defense Health Agency; Former Director, Washington State Covid-19 Health System Response Team

Health Care & Medicine / Leadership / Inspirational Speakers / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / STEAM / Founders & Practitioners / Women Speakers & Advisors

Pioneering Robotics Researcher Focused on Deconstructing Algorithms to Make Robot Processes Clear Through Explainable AI; Expert on Developing Socially and Physically Assistive Machines That Improve Lives; Foremost Expert on Human-Centered Robotics and Human-Robot Collaboration; Director, Human and Robot Partners (HARP) Lab and the A. Nico Habermann Assistant Professor, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

AI, Robotics & Automation / Emerging Technology / STEAM / Health Care & Medicine / Generative AI / Future of Work / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Women Speakers & Advisors