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Award-Winning Behavioral Scientist Helping Organizations Build Resilience, Trust and Deeper Connections with Employees, Customers and Teams; Marketing Expert Uncovering and Leveraging Underlying Psychological Insights to Translate Human Behavior into Business Strategy; Dean, MBA Program in International Business and Associate Professor of Marketing, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Persuasion & Negotiation / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Company Culture / Marketing, Branding & Sales / Trust & Empathy / Strategy / International Speakers & Advisors / Women Speakers & Advisors
Sheena Iyengar Headshot

Global Authority on Choice and Decision-Making Who Leverages Neurological and Cognitive Science to Generate, Identify and Cultivate Innovation; Professor of Business, Columbia Business School; Top 10 Management Thinker in the World and Innovation Award Winner, Thinkers50; Bestselling Author, “The Art of Choosing” (2010), and the Award-Winning “Think Bigger” (2023)

Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Persuasion & Negotiation / Trust & Empathy / Inspirational Speakers / Company Culture / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Leadership / Marketing, Branding & Sales / Must-Read Books / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Neuroscience / Experiential Programs

Foremost Authority on Leveraging Behavioral Economics Principles for Persuasion and Influence on Employees, Customers and Populations; Preeminent Legal Scholar and Winner of the Holberg Prize; New York Times Bestselling Co-Author, “Nudge”; Award-Winning Co-Author, “Noise”; Co-Author, “Look Again” (2024); Former Administrator, White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs; Professor, Harvard Law School

Policy & Government / Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Strategy / Persuasion & Negotiation / Generative AI / TED Speakers / Must-Read Books
Megan Reitz headshot

Leadership Coach and Authority on Psychological Safety and Empowering Employees to Speak Truth to Power; Renowned Educator, Researcher and Consultant on Mindfulness and Diversity in the Workplace; Author, “Speak Up” (2019) and “Mind Time” (2018); Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, Oxford University; Professor, Ashridge Executive Education, Hult Business School; Named Among the Top 50 Management Thinkers in the World in 2023 and 2021, Thinkers50

Psychological Safety / Leadership / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Company Culture / Communication Strategy / Strategy / Persuasion & Negotiation / TED Speakers / Future of Work / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Hybrid Work & Work From Home / Trust & Empathy / Generative AI / Neuroscience / Executive Education / International Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Women Speakers & Advisors

Expert on Persuasion and Decision-Making; Leverages Behavioral Economics to Help People & Do Business Better; Professor, Yale School of Management; Bestselling Author, “Influence is Your Superpower” (2022)

Persuasion & Negotiation / Marketing, Branding & Sales / Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Founders & Practitioners / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Moderators / Psychological Safety / Executive Education

The World’s Preeminent Authority on Reputation, Trust, Inequality and Successful Branding for People, Businesses, Governments and Other Institutions; Founding Director, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation; Co-Author of the Bestseller, “The Reputation Game”

Marketing, Branding & Sales / Leadership / Trust & Empathy / Customer Experience & Consumer Behavior / Future of Work / Company Culture / Strategy / Persuasion & Negotiation / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Issues / International Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Executive Education

Renowned Authority on Power and Influence, Turning Knowledge into Action, Evidence-Based Management, and Building Cultures that Achieve Competitive Advantage Through People; Professor of Organizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; Author, “7 Rules of Power” (2022) and “Dying for a Paycheck” (2018)

Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Leadership / Hybrid Work & Work From Home / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Must-Read Books / Asia: Business, Geopolitics & Society / Persuasion & Negotiation
Constance Hadley

Authority on Team Dynamics Who Helps Leaders Foster a Culture of Psychological Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace; Expert on Leadership Strategies and Processes for Building Collaborative, Resilient Organizations in Remote and Hybrid Work Environments; Founder and Chief Scientist, The Institute for Life at Work; Former Consulting Researcher, Microsoft Research Lab; Management and Organizations Research Associate Professor, Questrom School of Business, Boston University; Board Member, Higher Ambition Leadership Alliance; Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2024

Psychological Safety / Leadership / Hybrid Work & Work From Home / Wellness & Well-Being / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Company Culture / Change Management / Future of Work / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Trust & Empathy / Persuasion & Negotiation / Experiential Programs / Executive Education / Women Speakers & Advisors
Jeff Dyer Headshot

Expert on Strategically Designing Innovative Business Models, Corporate Cultures and Leadership Styles; Co-Author, “The Innovator’s DNA,” “The Innovator’s Method” and “Innovation Capital” (2019); Executive MBA Professor, Wharton School; Professor of Strategy, Brigham Young University

Innovation & Design / Company Culture / Leadership / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Strategy / Persuasion & Negotiation / Future of Work / Must-Read Books / Founders & Practitioners / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies

Renowned Leadership Advisor, Digital Transformation Strategist and Behavioral Scientist Empowering Organizations to Realize AI As a Value Creator and Leadership Collaborator; Dean, Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business; Director and Founder, Centre on AI Technology for Humankind; Fellow, Cambridge Judge Business School and St. Edmunds College, Cambridge University; Research Fellow, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT; Advisory Board Member, EY; Author, “Leadership by Algorithm” (2020), “The Year in Tech, 2024” (October 2023), and “The AI-Savvy Leader” (June 2024); Thinkers50’s Radar Class of 2021

Leadership / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Policy & Government / Persuasion & Negotiation / Economics, Capitalism, Geopolitics & Globalization / Future of Work / Futurists / Company Culture / Trust & Empathy / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Asia: Business, Geopolitics & Society / Must-Read Books