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“We need more business.” It’s one of the first statements we hear from people considering partnering with us. Over the course of the conversation, they usually share a desire to build thought leadership, to secure more media coverage, and land more speaking invitations. A common hypothesis is that by cultivating thought leadership and getting more…

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Fall conference season is in full swing! As someone who is responsible for helping clients land premier speaking roles, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Logistics are set. Speakers are prepped. Opportunities we secured many months ago are finally here. But amid all the excitement of the season also comes anxiety…

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The pandemic disrupted daily routines, stunned business operations and challenged our traditional approach to how we connect and collaborate with one another. As many companies transitioned to virtual work, event and conference organizers were forced to do the same. After initial cancellations, postponements and many trials, conference planners adapted to the digital landscape.   Now with…