Our Mission
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Our Mission

Converging forces are at work, changing the way we address challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and seek and retain customers. Today, growth is no longer singularly tied to promoting brands, products or services. Rather, it is profoundly linked to positioning your insight and vision amongst audiences that matter most. This is thought leadership.

For us, it’s not just an industry buzzword. It’s the heart of our business. We give voice to ideas, individuals and institutions impacting the world.

This underlying strategy has guided our work daily for nearly 30 years, and continues to fuel our success in establishing and strengthening our clients’ reputations as the foremost or emerging authorities in their fields. We help you frame, stimulate, engage in, and most importantly lead, meaningful conversations around the pivotal issues impacting your marketplace. This is the key to building your credibility and business.

It’s our mission. Is it yours?

About Stern Strategy Group

We give voice and access to ideas, institutions and individuals impacting the world. Our public relations, advisory and speakers services build thought leadership and business. Embracing clients’ ideas and mission, our relationships offer empathy, coaching, strategy, connections and influence. Learn more