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Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure

Hod Lipson Profile Headshot - Square

Award-Winning Roboticist and Entrepreneur Who Educates Leaders on Emerging AI and Robotics Technologies and Their Coming Impacts on Business and Society; Professor of Engineering and Data Science, Columbia University; Director, Creative Machines Lab, “25 Most Awesome Labs in the U.S.,” Popular Science; Co-Author, “Fabricated” and “Driverless” (Translated Into 7 Languages); One of the “World’s 7 Most Powerful Data Scientists,” Forbes

AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / Emerging Technology / Founders & Practitioners / Future of Work / Futurists / Innovation & Design / Must-Read Books / TED Speakers / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure
Paul Romer Headshot

Nobel Laureate Economist and World-Renowned Authority on Leveraging Technology and Innovation to Drive Long-Term Growth; Pioneer of Endogenous Growth Theory and Leading Advocate for Charter Cities; Seidner University Professor and Leader, Center for the Economics of Ideas, Carroll School of Management, Boston College; Senior Fellow, Marron Institute of Urban Management; Covid-19 Economic Policy Advisor; Former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank

Economics, Capitalism, Geopolitics & Globalization / Policy & Government / AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Asia: Business, Geopolitics & Society / Emerging Technology / Financial Services / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Navigating Uncertainty / Trust & Empathy / TED Speakers
Azeem Azhar headshot

Global Futurist, Exponential Thinker and Expert Investor; Founder, Exponential View; Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin School; Executive Fellow, Harvard Business School; Host, “Exponentially,” Bloomberg TV; Co-Chair, Global Futures Council on Complex Risks, World Economic Forum; Award-Winning, Bestselling Author, “The Exponential Age”; Named one of Vox’s 2023 Future Perfect 50

Generative AI / AI, Robotics & Automation / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Innovation & Design / Policy & Government / Strategy / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Emerging Technology / Futurists / Bioengineering, Genetics & Cellular Agriculture / Business Model Innovation / Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies / Economics, Capitalism, Geopolitics & Globalization / TED Speakers / Future of Work / International Speakers & Advisors / Must-Read Books / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics / Hybrid Work & Work From Home / Platform Revolution / Founders & Practitioners / Executive Education
Rana el Kaliouby

Pioneering AI Scientist and Inventor of Emotion and Human Perception AI; Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor and Authority on Developing an AI Mindset for Competitive Advantage; Expert on Designing and Implementing Ethical Business Strategies; Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Tulip Ventures; Executive Fellow, Harvard Business School; Bestselling Author, “Girl Decoded” (2020)

AI, Robotics & Automation / Generative AI / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Health Care & Medicine / Strategy / Emerging Technology / Futurists / STEAM / TED Speakers / Women Speakers & Advisors / Future of Work / Must-Read Books / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Executive Education / Moderators / Trust & Empathy / Founders & Practitioners
Mitch Weiss Headshot 2024

Leading Expert on Invention and Innovation for Problem Solving in Government and Longstanding Institutions; Top Advisor Helping Leaders in All Sectors Elevate Their Knowledge of Generative AI and Explore How to Deploy it Within Their Organizations; Acclaimed Author, “We the Possibility;” Award-Winning Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

Leadership / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Generative AI / Human Resource Management & Talent Development / Policy & Government / Strategy / Emerging Technology / Education & Lifelong Learning / Navigating Uncertainty / Executive Education / Experiential Programs / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Founders & Practitioners / Must-Read Books
Iyad Rahwan Headshot

Acclaimed Futurist, Computer Scientist and Pioneering AI Scholar Whose Ongoing Research Reveals How Emerging Technologies Will Impact Humans and Related Long-term Investments; Foremost Expert on the Future of Work, Human-Machine Collaboration and the Ethics of AI and Autonomous Vehicles; Director, Center for Humans & Machines, Max Planck Institute for Human Development; Former Professor, MIT Media Lab; Editor, Artificial Intelligence Journal; Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2020

AI, Robotics & Automation / Emerging Technology / Generative AI / Futurists / Social Media Marketing & Business Analytics / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Metaverse / Policy & Government / Future of Work / Trust & Empathy / International Speakers & Advisors / TED Speakers

Champion for Creating Economic Prosperity Through Innovation; Leading Authority on Market-Creating Innovations; Co-Author, “The Prosperity Paradox” (2019); Director, Global Prosperity, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation; Adjunct Professor, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2020; Co-Founder & President, Poverty Stops Here

Innovation & Design / Business Model Innovation / Economics, Capitalism, Geopolitics & Globalization / TED Speakers / Inspirational Speakers / Must-Read Books / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Strategy
Steven Koonin headshot

Renowned Authority on Climate Science and Energy Technologies; Former Undersecretary for Science, U.S. Department of Energy; University Professor, New York University, with Appointments in the Stern School of Business, the Tandon School of Engineering and the Department of Physics; Former Professor of Theoretical Physics and Vice President and Provost, Caltech; Former Chief Scientist, BP; Founding Director, NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP); Long-time Member and Former Chair of the JASON Group of Government Advisors; Bestselling Author, “Unsettled” (2021)

Energy & Renewables / Policy & Government / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Emerging Technology / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Must-Read Books
Larry Keeley headshot

Authority on Integrating Firms into Dynamic Business Ecosystems; Innovation Strategy and Effectiveness Expert; Influential Designer; Co-Founder and Former President, Doblin; Author, “Ten Types of Innovation”

Innovation & Design / Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Strategy / Emerging Technology / TED Speakers / Must-Read Books / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Founders & Practitioners / Executive Education

Leading Authority on Economic Revival and Growth; Entrepreneur and Angel Investor; Founder, Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Platform; Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice, Babson Executive and Enterprise Education; Author, “Worthless, Impossible and Stupid”

Entrepreneurial Thinking & Investment Strategies / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Supply Chain Management / Founders & Practitioners / Executive Education / Must-Read Books
Horace Dediu - Micromobility

Leading Global Authority on Micromobility; Expert on the Future of Mobility and Smart Transportation; World-Renowned Mobile Industry Analyst and Visionary on Digital Business Disruption; Partner and Chief Market Strategist, Relay Ventures; Founder, Asymco

Emerging Technology / Sustainability, Purpose & Climate Solutions / Futurists / AI, Robotics & Automation / International Speakers & Advisors / Transportation, Micromobility & Infrastructure / Digital Transformation, Information Technology & Data Analytics