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Saturday, February 11 is Thomas Alva Edison’s 176th birthday. Edison, inventor of the modern incandescent light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera, among other things that have impacted and defined today’s world, has special relevance for me and for Stern Strategy Group. One of his laboratories as well as his home and burial…

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Earlier in my career, when meeting prospective clients, our initial conversations focused heavily on determining communications goals – which at the time seemed an appropriate place to start. After all, the company was looking for a qualified communications partner. So naturally we’d talk about things like where and how to generate more awareness for their…

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Building thought leadership and executive visibility For as long as I can remember, I thought “thought leadership” was sufficient to describe PR strategy among communications professionals. But it didn’t really articulate what it was doing for executive visibility. We would go out there and make thought leaders out of our clients by leveraging their expertise…