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A disturbing trend started to emerge in 2022: more and more women leaders are leaving their companies, and the gap between the rate at which women and men were leaving is the largest it’s ever been. These results, derived from over 333 companies surveyed in McKinsey’s 2022 Women at Work study, reveal that even the…

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Our lives are now ruled by digital devices, screens and cameras that follow us through stores, streets and even our homes. That’s no secret. What may be less apparent, however, is how technology erodes our human capacity to feel emotions and empathize, and how that harms our relationships – with others, ourselves and the world around us….

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March is Women’s History Month, and while much energy is focused on remembering great women from the past, we should honor – and actively learn from – great women in the present. These inspirational speakers and advisors at the top of their fields — from health care to virtual reality and addressing climate change —…

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Business has reaped the rewards of new technologies but is also vulnerable to the disruption they unleash. For every Netflix – dynamic, innovative companies that use tech to capture a market – there’s a Blockbuster, succumbing to disruption because its leaders failed to anticipate the future. From AI and robotics to blockchain and cybersecurity, Stern…